The Bahama-Mamas' travel report

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We spent March 6-10, 2000 at the Lucayan Resort (now Our Lucaya) in Freeport, on Grand Bahama Island

We found the resort beautiful, immaculate, and fun -- take a virtual tour!
We rate it an A++ -- See why! (our photos & comments)
And here's a December 2000 update.
Here's how we passed the time during our awesome trip!  (which went far too fast...)
Arriving before noon on the UPS plane from Philly, our plan was to get some long-awaited SUN!!! We hit the pool at the Lucayan as fast as we could.

After a seafood dinner at the marina, the evening saw us at the Pub in Port Lucaya (formerly Pusser's, named after the brand of rum), meeting a great lineup of bartenders -- McGyver, Quincy, Danyel & Kyle.  They made sure we never got thirsty during our trip!  Though I'd say their 'painkillers'caused a lot more pain than they relieved !!!

our UPS carrier!
a beautiful peacock Tuesday
More pool-sittin' for Em, but Renée took a morning tour of Freeport, which included a trip to the Garden of the Groves.  It featured beautiful plants, some interesting animal exhibits, and a very friendly peacock! 

Then back for lunch by the pool, followed by a quiet dinner in the hotel at Barracuda's, and an early night to make up for Monday's debauchery!

Our big day - the Robinson Crusoe day trip on a 72-foot catamaran -- the Bahama-Mama!  We snorkeled, sunbathed, lunched on the beach, played volleyball, and even joined an egg-tossing competition!  Come take a look at our day on the beach and the return trip dance party!
And don't miss our super-cool underwater photos!!! 
We partied the early evening away in the market square by the marina -- back at the Pub, where the bartenders repeated their damage of Monday night, tho this time via intravenous Bahama-Mamas!!  Not to be daunted, Renée managed to go back out later, dancing under the stars in a club near the Princess Casino.  Thanks heavens for the restorative powers of Coca-Cola and the upbeat island music!
Em goin' under
Renée on the beach
More poolside lounging for Em, while Renée took another snorkeling trip, spending the day on a deserted beach near the Grand Lucayan waterway. 

In the evening, we decided to enjoy the outdoor concert in Market Square.  One and all -- kids, local workers, tourists, college students and old folks were dancing with wild abandon to the Caribbean tunes!  We hooked up with some folks we'd met earlier in the week, and had fun people-watching from the verandah of the Pub; the spring-breakers provided ample fodder -- from their body glitter to their leopard-print pants, not to mention their drunken antics!!!

Last day, kinda sad.  We checked out early and laid by the pool until it was time to leave for the airport.  It was a gorgeous day!  We had a grilled lunch seaside, and savored the wonderful memories we'd be taking home! 

Here are some of our favorite photos, which we think help capture the feeling of the place.

beach at the Lucayan

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